Stormcatcher Films, LLC is currently putting the finishing touches on their new project, Keepsake.

Stormcatcher Films is currently seeking crew for their fourth feature film that will shoot in late August and early September of 2010. Please email your resumes and inquiries to

There are still many positions available and we look forward to working with new crew members in our area. Thank you for your interest.


Stormcatcher Films is seeking cast for their fourth feature film. It will be shooting in late August and early September of 2010. Please RSVP and submit your resumes or inquiries to the mailing address on our Contact Us page.

Stormcatcher Films is also seeking cast for their upcoming feature. Auditions will be held on Saturday June 26th and Saturday July 10th from 11:00am to 2:00 pm at the following address: 5516 Falmouth St. Suite #302 Richmond VA 23230

Charcater breakdowns for actors are as follows:

Abernathy (Mid-50's) A reverend who is overseeing the restoration of an old church and is struggling with a spiritual dilemma.

Jacob (Mid-30's) A restoration specialist who left the ministry years early due to a crisis of faith. He inrospective, but charming.

Naomi (Early 30's) A friend of Grace's who offers council and support. Strong willed and grounded, she seems older than she is.

Mitchum (Early 50's) A small town sheriff with a disarming demeanor and shrewd eyes. He is weary, but his views are optimistic.

Noah (Late 30's) A lawyer hired to protect a secret that he does not know. He is a man who holds no illusions about the world.

Evelyn (Early 20's) A truly tortured sould that is consumed with pain and rage over the lost of her child.



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